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My name is Vanessa and I am a Certified Life Coach with additional qualifications in Community Services. I am currently completing a Bachelor of Humanitarian and Development Studies with a major in Human Rights. I am also a travel addict, a Mother of two, an introvert, a friend to all cats and a dedicated bookworm. 

During my younger years I struggled with issues such as low self-esteem, a lack of confidence and uncertainty about the future. I would like to say I have overcome these things, but the truth is, while I have come a long way I still have a long way to go! While many of the issues I faced as a child are still relevant today, young people also have a whole new set of challenges to navigate.

I really started to notice the increased pressure on girls to look and act a certain way and the struggles that are faced both in real life and online with things such as cyber bullying. In addition, there is also so much pressure on our girls to excel at everything and have their whole life mapped out at a very young age. This is often unrealistic and creates unnecessary anxiety and worry.

I wanted to do something to help empower young girls and after completing instructor training through Girl Power and my Life Coaching Certification I decided to start Girls Empowered. Through workshops, online courses, and individual coaching I want to encourage young girls to embrace who they are, celebrate what makes them unique and empower them to feel confident in themselves.

The end goal is to give them the tools, support, and encouragement to go out into the world and create healthy relationships, a sense of self-worth and the determination to live their best life. We believe in empowering, encouraging and educating girls from an early age and teaching them important life skills, the importance of self love and how to use a growth mindset to overcome challenges. 

My ultimate, long term vision, is to spend six months of the year working with young people in developing countries and six months of the year here running workshops and coaching young people. In addition to the paid workshops, I will be running a free workshop when I can to enable all girls, regardless of their financial situation to participate.  

Finally, I want to clarify that as a coach and mentor I am not qualified to work as a therapist, offer mental health advice, or provide counselling services so if this is the type of service you are seeking I encourage you to see your GP for advice, assessment and a referral to someone who specializes in this area.

I look forward to meeting you all and working with the amazing young girls in your life!

Talk soon, 



  • Currently completing Bachelor Humanitarian and Development Studies (Human Rights, Peace and Development)  ​​

  • Certificate IV, Community Services (Welfare) 

  • Diploma in Life Coaching 

  • Certified Professional Life Coach 

  • Goal Success Coach Certificate

  • Life Purpose Coach Certificate 

  • Girl Power Instructor Trained 

  • Accredited TESOL/TEFL Certificate

ABN: 19796819747

WWCC: 2211815E

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